Sister Of One Of Injured Students In Berkeley Writes Outraged Letter To New York Times

Sister Of One Of Injured Students In Berkeley Writes Outraged Letter To New York Times

Erin Flynn, the sister of injured Dublin student Conor Flynn, has written an angry letter to the editor of the New York Times.

The Times article on the tragedy labelled the J1 programme an embarrassment to Ireland and painted the Irish students on the J1 as drunken party animals.

Erin Flynn wrote that she was travelling to her airport with her crying mother and lambasted the newspaper for blaming the students for 'poor engineering'.

I am absolutely appalled after reading the article on the Berkeley incident in your newspaper.

Let me introduce myself, I am an Irish student, I am a sister to one of the INNOCENT boys involved and I am friends with others involved.

How dare you. How insensitive of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves to imply that because they were drinking they should be to blame for YOUR country’s poor engineering, I am disgusted.

I write this on the way to the airport with my crying mum, how dare you make our hurt any worse?

You should be apologising, not writing a cheap article misinforming an entire nation.

All involved were working and all involved were celebrating a birthday. All involved are people, people with names and families and loved ones.

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