Surfer Who Fought Off A Shark Is Back For More In South Africa

Surfer Who Fought Off A Shark Is Back For More In South Africa

We don't tend to cover much surfing here at Balls.ie but Mick Fanning hit the headlines last year after being attacked by a Great White shark at Jeffries Bay in South Africa.

Call us over-emotional, but we are just suckers for anyone who can fight off a shark with their bare hands.

Miraculously, Fanning escaped unharmed and somehow, he's back to compete in the same event, in the same shark-infested water as last year.

He spoke emotionally after his lucky escape last year.


"I literally just jumped away and it just kept coming at my board and I was kicking and swimming," he said.

"I just saw fin - I didn't see the teeth, I was waiting for some teeth to come at me as I was swimming. I punched it in the back.

"I was about to start paddling again and I had this instinct that someone was behind me.

"I saw the whole thing just thrashing around ... I punched it a couple of times, but I felt like it was dragging me under water.

"Then all of a sudden my leg rope broke and I was swimming and screaming.

"I was swimming in and I had this thought what if it comes for another go at me? So I turned around, so I could at least see it, and before I knew it the boat was there, the jetskis were there. I just can't believe it."

The 35-year-old Australian, nicknamed "White Lightening" has tested the waters already, and though he has a slight injury, he is expected to compete in the J-Bay Open this weekend.

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