We Could Be In For A Bit Of A Change On The Weather Front...

We've spent the past week sweating in the humid temperatures. The sun has blazed down on Ireland evoking memories of 2013.

Well, the hot, sunny weather of the past week will be broken up by a few showers and some windier weather over the next few days.

Evelyn Cusack was sanguine about the prospect of wet weather 'in all areas' on Thursday evening, saying this was mmuch needed given all the recent dry weather we've been enjoying.


The overall verdict is mixed, with the East enjoying most of the sunshine over the next few days.

Today will be mainly sunny, but tomorrow will see all parts visited by rain.

Friday will see warm and sunny weather, punctuated by the odd shower in the west and midlands. Temperatures will remain between 17 and 20 degrees.

This is expected to stretch into the weekend with broadly sunny weather, but with windy spells. So, a slight change in the weather coming - but nothing to get too distressed about.

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