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Watch: Channel 4's Jon Snow Leaves A US Pro-Gun Campaigner In Ruins

Watch: Channel 4's Jon Snow Leaves A US Pro-Gun Campaigner In Ruins

As it turns out, legendary (I think we can say he's legendary at this stage, can't we?) news anchor and journalist Jon Snow isn't a major fan of guns.

Speaking to Iraq veteran and 'Armed American Radio' (Christ have mercy on our souls) host Neil McCabe on Channel 4, Snow went on the offensive in what one might normally describe as a bully-like, show-off-type interview. But when you hear his babbling interviewee's borderline inscrutable responses, it's not difficult to see how Snow was almost immediately impatient.

It's just part of life, I think,

says McCabe when confronted with the fact that more than 130 people have already died from gun violence in the States this year.

No, it's part of death, Mr. McCabe,

responds Snow.

That's death. That's dead people, people who have died as a result of guns.

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