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'Check That Podium For A Raw Onion' - Fox News Contributor On Tearful Obama Speech

'Check That Podium For A Raw Onion' - Fox News Contributor On Tearful Obama Speech

With a year left in office, Barack Obama is making a final run at gun law reform.

In a tearful speech at the White House, Obama remembered those, especially children, affected by gun violence in recent years.

Everytime I think about those kids [Sandy Hook], it gets me mad. And by the way it happens of the streets of Chicago everyday,

he said.

....And now over to Fox News for some 'analysis' of Obama's speech.

Andrea Tantaros believed the US president disingenuous:

I would check that podium for a raw onion or some 'no more tears'. It's not really believable - 'And the award goes to...' - we are in award season.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, was also on hand to provide her view:

We feel frightened about what's going on with ISIS. He can't pull that kind of passion for anything but this. I feel bad about those kinds in Connecticut without question - your heart breaks for them. But it's only about this that he gets upset and never about terror.

Check out the scarcely believable critical analysis of Obama's speech in full, here:

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