Watch: An Irish Girl Meets Her Swedish Doppelgänger And The Whole Thing's A Bit Feckin' Odd

Watch: An Irish Girl Meets Her Swedish Doppelgänger And The Whole Thing's A Bit Feckin' Odd

Sara from Sweden found Shannon from Ireland on after they both had signed up to the site, which looks to acquaint you with people who share your facial features.

Twin Strangers offered to bring them together in Dublin for one of their special doppelgänger meet-ups, which both Sara and Shannon described as an 'unforgettable' moment.

It's pretty cool, but a bit fuckin' weird at the same time.

Why are we so keen to find people who look the same as us? Taylor Swift, for example, did it earlier this week:

Just because someone looks like you doesn't mean you automatically have to like them - they could be just total fucking pricks with your face, which is a dangerous prospect.

I mean, this lady has met three doppelgangers already - do you not have enough of them by now?

I understand how it'd be surreal to see somebody with your face, like, one time, but to keep searching for more and more seems curiously vainglorious, and somewhat concerning.

Are you building an army of some description? Are you building a case against your father who disappears for 'night classes' every Wednesday? Are you not slightly pissed off by the notion that so many people have your exact face?

Also, how do you have the time to keep looking for doppels?

For what it's worth, I played rugby against one of my doppelgangers in the French city of Narbonne back in 2006 and we got in a fist-fight. I'll find you again, Pierre, you violent, handsome bastard!

All that aside, if you are in fact interested in meeting your unrelated twin, you can sign up at, where it costs a manageable €3.60 for your first six months of searching.

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