Brendan O'Carroll Lauded in Australia After Huge Donation To Grieving Family

Brendan O'Carroll Lauded in Australia After Huge Donation To Grieving Family

'Mrs. Brown's Boys' star Brendan O'Carroll has made a heart warming and extremely generous donation of $50,000 to the family of a car crash victim in Tasmania.

The donation comes in the wake of a horrible tragedy in Hobart, Tasmania where a young pregnant woman, Sarah Paino, was killed in a car crash on Friday morning. Remarkably, her baby survived despite being born at just 32 weeks and is in a stable condition in hospital. Her other child, a near 2 year old, suffered minor injuries in the crash and has been discharged from hospital. Ms. Paino is also survived by her partner, Daniel Stirling.

As of yesterday a massive fund raising campaign had wielded over $150,000 for the family and when Brendan heard about the story while appearing on Australian news show 'The Project', he felt compelled to help. Hopefully the money will help the family through this extremely difficult time.

Brendan is in Australia as part of his Mrs. Brown's Boys tour of Australia and New Zealand and is familiar with Hobart having performed there previously in 2014.

You can watch the clip from the show below:


Via: The Project

Details via: The Mercury

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