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This Dancing Man Needs To Become Taoiseach

We told ourselves we would remain on the sidelines during Election 2016, we agreed that it wasn't our place to put forward our opinions on who you should vote for. That was until tonight when we saw the 9 News on RTE and got a glimpse of the man who should be king Taoiseach.

Not Gerry but the absolute legend to the side, who gets completely lost in the music, the moment and the pure unadulterated joy of dance.

This fella has our vote as it is clear he has

  • Talent
  • Confidence
  • Leadership

What more could we want.

And of course we have the brilliant remix with the tune that he probably had in his headphones via @declanfahy

Hal LaRoux
Article written by
Former child and failed 110m hurdler.

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