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Pro-Life Vincent Browne Guest Trolls Everyone In Limerick

Pro-Life Vincent Browne Guest Trolls Everyone In Limerick

The People's Debate series of Vincent Browne's show on TV3 rolled into Limerick last night and among other things, the issue of the Eighth Amendment came up for discussion.

One strong opponent of any repeal was a man by the name of John O'Gorman. He addressed the crowd in attendance and from the word go he had people's backs up.

First of all he referred to 'pro-choice' supporters as 'abortionists', before saying they have 'Luciferian' views. Which, ironically was a kind of compliment if you take it in the true sense of Luciferianism means. However, we're guessing he actually meant'Satanism.'

Mr O'Gorman contests that there only a couple of 100 pro-choice supporters and when questioned by Browne around the rights of the mother in the instance of rape, he responded:

The baby didn't rape anybody Vincent. And a baby's a baby. That's why he didn't rape anybody but it's still her flesh and blood. And it's a misfortune it was rape but that can't be reversed.

And it's a known fact that if she continues through her pregnancy up to giving birth, the giving birth reduces the trauma of the rape. Her maternity [sic] instincts have kicked in. She has a baby.

Needless to say he was greeted by sounds of disgruntled audience members.

Mark Farrelly
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Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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