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Even Waterford Whispers Couldn't Come Up With Mayo's Idea For Tackling Drunks

Even Waterford Whispers Couldn't Come Up With Mayo's Idea For Tackling Drunks

Mayo County Council will be giving people lollipops at the end of nights out over the Christmas. Yea, you heard me!

RTE report that free lollipops will be handed out to partygoers as they leave bars and nightclubs over the holiday season, in an effort to keep people quiet and well-mannered on the street afterwards.

Not only that but they'll carry road safety messages such as 'Get home safely.'

The idea is that people will be too busy sucking away on the lollipops, like a wee suck calf, to get preoccupied with shouting and other such ruckus causing acts.

The council's Road Safety Officer said:

Like giving candy to a grumpy baby, lollipops are said to have similar effects on grown men and women. Moreover, arguments fuelled by drunken bravado and macho attitudes often escalate following verbal exchanges. But stick a lollipop in their mouth, and it becomes a lot harder to shout.

In other countries police noticed an immediate decrease in rowdy activity and an increase in calming energy and awareness created around the message on the lollipop.

I WANT A LOLLIPOP! Give me a Goddamn lollipop!

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Mark Farrelly
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Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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