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Gardaí Say 'Computer Nerds' Causing Chaos On Flooded Roads

Gardaí Say 'Computer Nerds' Causing Chaos On Flooded Roads

During a press conference earlier today, a member of the Gardaí told assembled journalists that 'computer nerds' have to stop using their GPS devices and follow road signs.

It's a good thing that Newstalk's Páraic Gallagher was there to capture this nugget of wisdom. It seems that amidst all the flooding that a GPS is no use and it makes more sense to read road signs and plan your route that way. Makes sense I suppose, many roads are impassable, but why are the Gardaí having a go at computer nerds!?

More than that, why are they implying that anyone who uses a GPS is somehow a nerd? And is it really creating problems for anyone? Any idiot can use a GPS and they're extremely useful! The only logical explanation is that this particular Garda has some sort of deep rooted hatred or fear of nerds. Maybe Google wouldn't hire him or perhaps someone hacked his iCloud account looking for nudes. Who knows!?

To be sure though, if you see a nerd on the roads, make sure to get their attention and get them off that bleedin' GPS before the whole nation descends into total mayhem!



Thank God for the Gardaí, between this and what happened earlier this week they're supplying us with quality material.


Via Páraic Gallagher on Twitter

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