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Even Twitter Can't Believe That Eamon Dunphy Is Leading A Rally For Greece

Eamon Dunphy today spoke out in support of the Greek government and declared support for the 'No' side in Greece's referendum as to whether they will accept bailout terms from the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. Dunphy has revealed he plans to lead a rally in support of the cause in Dublin tomorrow.

Speaking at an event at Buswell's today, Dunphy  revealed that he has been involved in the campaign for a day, but decided to speak out and lead the rally in solidarity with Greece and also to highlight how Ireland have, in his eyes, been overly-harsh upon Greece.

Ireland has chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people I would consider responsible for this calamity for the Greek people.

Dunphy also highlghted what he believed to be a wrongful portrayal of the Greek government (SYRIZA) who rejected the Troika's measures:

The Irish media portray SYRIZA as some kind of airhead revolutionaries. They're not. Their politicians speak better English than Michael Noonan or Enda Kenny, and they are more economically competent than our Central Bank.

It was Dunphy's most notable public comment on Greece and Greek people since this, from Euro 2004. The video includes the line "the only people who Greece inspire are the ones who can't play football". You can finish the gag from here.

Twitter's reaction to Dunphy's support was mixed:


Via: Irish Times

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