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Complaint Made After Radio DJ Refers To Female Genitalia As 'C**k Socket'

Complaint Made After Radio DJ Refers To Female Genitalia As 'C**k Socket'

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland have thrown out a complaint made by a listener who heard a radio DJ refer to female genitalia as a 'c**k socket'.

The listener was driving with his daughter while listening to the 'Cracked' show on iRadio when the DJ made the comment in-between songs. They were supposedly having a competition to think of the best name for female genitalia, which is what prompted the DJ's comment.

it's a c**k socket

The complaint was made on the grounds that such a comment was inappropriate for a station that is aimed towards younger listeners and that it was offensive towards women. However, the BAI threw out the complaint on the grounds that this all happened after 11pm and the show in question gave a clear and strong warning every hour that the show contained adult content.


All in all it probably wasn't the most well advised comment but it certainly did not break any broadcasting rules. The rules on taste are another story...


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