Today's Biggest Celeb News That We Really Couldn't Be Arsed Writing About

Today's Biggest Celeb News That We Really Couldn't Be Arsed Writing About

I'm slowly easing my way back into it after a short absence, and recovering from a minor injury after my epic thumb war battle, as mentioned in last night's celeb news we really couldn't be arsed to write about, but here we go again for another dose of daily shite from celebland that really shouldn't be making the news at all.

Here's Wednesday's celeb scoop;

Jodie Marsh got married and took a picture of her and her husband's hands

Former model, body-builder and all round eccentric human, Jodie Marsh got married in secret recently, after managing to somehow keep her relationship out of the spotlight, for once. Apparently she also remained celibate until they got married, fair play Jodie! Congrats and lets hope it lasts longer than her marriage to Matt Peacock (3 months) who she met on a reality show searching for a husband for her. It was never going to be happily ever after in fairness was it?

Frankie from The Saturdays went for a family walk with no make up on, oh the horror!

The Bridge family were out in full force, going for a nice family walk, just 10 days after Frankie gave birth to her second son with Wayne Bridge. His name is Carter, we don't know what he looks like and she was wearing no make up. We have no photos of their walk because we aren't that desperate but you can check them out here if you so desire.

Do' of the day: Amber Rose

I think she looks like a more tanned Iggy Azaelea, kind of? Anyone? No, just me then. It actually really suits her, if only she could remember to dress herself before taking a snap next time. It's said that her new hair is for her upcoming reality show with BFF and Kylie Jenner's new beau's ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. Fair play if you can follow that.

Ed Sheeran was lion to us (Sorry)

Sure look, we can't keep track. Ed got a God-awful lion tattooed on his chest or so we thought, but now his chest would appear it was all a joke. But, we're not convinced as he is currently filming scenes for The Bastard Executioner and may fans think that this whole bare chest nonsense is a make up cover up, which would appear more logical.

You got my hopes up there Ed for a split second, but no, you still have a ridiculous lion on your chest and I'm not ok with it.

The daily Kardashian/Jenner update

Khloé sparks outrage after she set off a load of fireworks for her new boyfriend's birthday for 15 minutes last night (see what we did there? sparks? get it?) Kim posted a series of pics to Instagram of her pouting and in a very cleavage bearing top, nothing new there so, but she's getting stick for captioning it 'pregnancy lips' with people commenting that they were fake and plastic. Get a grip people. Her mother Kris also features in one of the pictures wearing a Yeezus hat in a nod to her son-in-law *vomit*.

That's enough bile for one day. See you all tomorrow.

Mallorie Ronan

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Today's Biggest Celeb News That We Just Couldn't Be Arsed To Write About