Today's Biggest Celeb News That We Just Couldn't Be Arsed To Write About

Today's Biggest Celeb News That We Just Couldn't Be Arsed To Write About

Today's celeb news post must be dedicated to my dear colleague, Gavan Casey who so kindly took over the reigns and overcame his panic and celeb news induced severe sickness for the sake of keeping you lovely readers up to date with the shite that goes on in celeb-land. That's dedication and should be applauded, so bravo Mr. Casey.

Now back to the rubbish that is today's daily dose, enjoy.

Lou-Lou likes "funny funny bunny" Rita

Louis walsh

Yes, this made the newspaper today and yes I am shaking my head in dismay as I type but, Louis Walsh said he was happy to be dumped from the X Factor and also went on to say he likes Rita Ora because she is a "funny funny bunny" (Oh dear Lord!) and they would have got on well if he was still on the show. We'll miss you Lou Lou...

#NiallYourBodyIsWonderful is trending on Twitter today, what a load of shite

I very nearly threw up the contents of my lunch after finding this gem. Bloody loopy Directioners decided to get the above hashtag which I can't bear to type again, trending and basically they profess their love for his body. I can't believe I exist on the same planet as these people.

Do' of the Day: Britney Spears

No breakup, mid-life crisis or breakdown, she just looks like she is having great craic. She looks like a pretty rainbow and it weirdly suits her, although Brit can do no wrong in my eyes.

Ariana Grande dresses like a glitter ball cat on stage

Why she persists on wearing those bloody stupid looking cat ears on stage is beyond me and if that wasn't annoying enough she dresses like some disco ball to strut around the stage. Maybe she does it to blind everyone to distract them from listening to her singing. It's the only logical explanation. here's a whole litter of wannabe cats to ruin your day.

The Kardashian/Jenners (KJs) are up to worse than their usual shite

Jesus we can't keep up with these ones. When you think they are calming themselves down they just throw themselves back into your life like you're being hit by a KJ sized truck. Kim reached 42 million followers on Instagram and showed followers her huge cleavage (YAWN at this stage), Khloé brought her basketball playing boyfriend James Harden to her sister's 18th birthday party.

Kylie. This one now, I dunno where to start. She dyed her hair blonde for her birthday, got a Birkin bag which my sources tell me is worth A LOT and just casually a brand new Ferrari from her boyfriend Tiger/Tyga.

For my 18th I got a second hand bike, a family meal and a taste of my first Smirnoff Ice and couldn't have been happier. It's the simple things.

See you tomorrow for more of this nonsense.


Mallorie Ronan

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