The Final Ranking Of All The Accents In Ireland

The Final Ranking Of All The Accents In Ireland

Here we go!

It's been a big seven days for elections in Ireland, and perhaps, the only one that could rival the marriage referendum for enormity (we joke) is our poll to find the best accent in Ireland.

People voted in their droves but now it is time to tally the final results. Our staff have been up all night counting the votes, we've checked and doublechecked, and it looks like there is no fear of a recount.

The winner of the best accent in Ireland, with 4,ooo votes for and only 2,800 votes against, are the good people of Donegal.

Indeed they are the only county in Ireland who got more up votes than down votes, which is completely mad. Galway were steadily in second the whole way through, while Cork claimed third place after an enormous surge in support during the last day of voting. At the other end of the table it would seem that almost all of Leinster need to take a long, hard look at themselves, with the bottom eight being made up of accents exclusively from the province.

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Mark Farrelly
Article written by
Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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