Wexford Pub Creates Genius Way To Serve A Half Pint

Wexford Pub Creates Genius Way To Serve A Half Pint

The shame associated with ordering a half pint is no more thanks to the brilliance and ingenuity of a Wexford pub.

We've seen every beer glass imaginable in our time, or so we thought... The lads at Simon Lambert & Sons Pub have come up with a simple but brilliant way to serve a half pint. Of course, the ingenious aspect of it is that the shame of ordering a half pint can be avoided through the optical illusion associated with the glass. Simply face the rounded part of the glass outwards and everyone will think you're drinking a full pint!

Problem solved.

When someone asks for a half pint at Simon Lambert & Sons ... ??

Posted by Simon Lambert & Sons on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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