Mayo Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime From Aidan O'Shea

Mayo Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime From Aidan O'Shea

Yet more proof that they are besotted with their football team in Mayo.

Louise Beckett, Mayo supporter and employee at the Castlecourt Hotel in Westport, was hugely excited to be presented with a cardboard cut-out of her favourite Mayo footballer and renowned 'sexy beast' Aidan O'Shea during Kris Kindle at work yesterday.

Her colleagues informed her that they had tried to get Aidan to turn up but were unable to get him. Louise, however, seemed chuffed with her present.

Given her delight at the cardboard cut-out, you can imagine her sheer euphoria at the sight of Aidan striding through the door towards the end of the video.

Sadly, the cardboard cut-out we have of Terry Phelan in this office is likely to remain just that.

Best Kris kringle ever!!!!?

Posted by Louise Beckett on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

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