We've Interviewed The Horse In Kendall Jenner's Instagram Post

We've Interviewed The Horse In Kendall Jenner's Instagram Post

The internet is awash today with an Instagram post from Kendall Jenner which features a naked French woman - who looks like Jenner - sitting on a horse. The photo has over 1m likes and no doubt do plenty to boost the profile of Jenner and the French model Elisa Melaini but what of the horse?

The unnamed beast was given no credit in the post and suffered the indignity of having its head cut out of the photo. We caught up with it earlier today to see what it makes of the worldwide reaction.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Chance - pronounced 'Shaunce' - and I've have been posing at a horse model for nearly 20 years. My first job came back in Ireland when I starred in a music video alongside two priests.

That had given my first taste of the industry but over the years I've found myself increasingly objectified for my looks, with little regard paid by the media to what I have to say or the actual art I aim to create.

So you were actually a musician?

In a kind of a way. Like I said I was in that video years ago and it gave me great satisifaction. It wasn't just posing for photos, you know? I got to ride over fences, I was showered in sugar lumps, had my hooves polished every night etc. I was treated with respect, you know...

But somewhere along the way it all went wrong. Now people are only interested in legs and ass. This latest photo is a perfect example. They didn't even put my head in the shot!

Can you talk us through how you became involved with Ms Melaini?

Well in the mid-90s I was still getting plenty of work in Ireland and was pretty happy with how things were going. But then I got involved in a television ad campaign and it involved going to France. There was some delay in traveling because they weren't sure who was going to take me but when we eventually got there I went off the rails slightly.

A year or two later I was broke, desperate for work and pretty much had to do something to makes ends meet. Soon enough I found myself posing completely naked with Melaini, with no saddle on or anything.

✨?✨ @juliantorresofficial ? Team @audreygautier @Monaco #dreamhorse #horselover #magicday #elisameliani

A photo posted by Elisa Meliani (@elisajazz) on

And that brings us to today...

Yea, so now I find my body being objectified by everyone on the internet. I did not receive any request from Ms Jenner to use to my image nor any sort of monetary reward.

It's a disgrace. There's more to me than just that photo. I have a head for starters. And what I really worry about is the pressure it puts on other horses. Will they suddenly think now that they need to post naked for photos with women too? There's more to us that that.

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