The Funniest And Most Disturbing Tributes To Electric Picnic 2015

The Funniest And Most Disturbing Tributes To Electric Picnic 2015


Electric Picnic has wrapped up for another year, and - already apoplectic with rage that we couldn't make it up this year - we've come across some absolutely hilarious 'lost and found' tributes which, despite being largely disgusting, just make us more determined make our EP return in 2016.

Some of the 45,000-strong crowd have been taking to the official EP event page on Facebook looking for lost items and recounting some of their stories from over the weekend.

Here are our personal favourites, but be warned, some of these images and sentiments will disturb you and in all likelihood haunt your dreams for years to come (NSFW, in case you couldn't tell).

They see me rollin'...
Screenshot (460)

Shady aftermathScreenshot (459)

'I'll Take You Home Again, Ryan'

Comedian Ryan Cullen and singer Daniel O'Donnell are both Donegal natives, but more importantly both friends of The Sliced Pan. This was always a match made in Heaven. Just don't expect a warm mug of cha on those rainy mornings, Ryan!

Screenshot (463)

It's not all about stark nudity, vomiting, and one-night stands you know...Screenshot (456)

Although...Screenshot (455)

Clear eyes, full hearts

Luke and I are actually friends on Facebook having met each other once, when our campsite-neighbouring groups of friends teamed up for a session at Oxegen 2010. The joys of festivals.Screenshot (457)

Jesus have mercy on our souls
Screenshot (453)

If Jordi Murphy wasn't in Ireland's World Cup squad this one would take a sinister twist
Screenshot (452)

Look, we've all been thereScreenshot (466)

So cute <3Screenshot (451)

Actually, we might have found the little bollocks, Catherine.

Screenshot (462)Two sound
Screenshot (450)

Cheers dumpsScreenshot (449)

Brazilian man displays a stunning ability to spell an Irish nameScreenshot (448)

He must have, ehh, gotten in a scrap? Tut tut
Screenshot (447)

Special delivery

Screenshot (467)

FINTAN...Jesus Christ! FINTAAANNN!!!Screenshot (458)

Fintan was located outside the local Eurospar having walked all the way to Abbeyleix
Screenshot (464)

By the way, just imagine the sales this roll would do in Stradbally next year. FYI, tickets for EP '16 go on sale this Friday.

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Former handwriting champion. Was violently bitten by a pelican at Fota Wildlife Park in 2001.

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