One Directions's Niall Horan Shuts Down Mike Phillips On Twitter Again

One Directions's Niall Horan Shuts Down Mike Phillips On Twitter Again

Welsh scrumhalf Mike Phillips isn't the most popular player in Ireland for several reasons. He's a talented player who plays on the edge, and tends to antagonise opposition players and fans with his actions.

He famously received the full ire of the "Directioners" after challenging Mullingar's Niall Horan to a boxing match after the singer slated Phillip's actions during the Ireland v Wales game last year. That hasn't scared him off going after the pop star again after Horan tweeted about his excitement at getting to play at the Welsh home of rugby:

Phillips saw a nice opportunity to have a dig at Horan's Irish roots, and rub salt into wounds of Irish rugby fans after the titanic clash between the two nations in this year's Six Nations that cost Ireland a chance at the Grand Slam.

But Horan was having none of it and shut him down instantly:

That's now two twitter victories for Horan over Phillips by our account as Horan continues to suggest that he isn't just some pop star that's idolised by the vast majority of the female population.

Horan and Phillips have history, but it all appears to be jovial after the pair met in New York late last year:

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