Massive Developments In The Tim Riggins True Detective Conspiracy Theory

Massive Developments In The Tim Riggins True Detective Conspiracy Theory

We didn't get to do a post on last week's episode because we feared the powers-that-be in HBO are onto us so we had to lay low for a couple of days.

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My fellow detectives inform me now that the coast is clear so without further ado, I present to you our lastest findings from our investigations into the theory that Tim Riggins is actually in True Detective masquerading as Paul Woodrugh.

Tim's big secret: Why he became Paul Woodrugh

After watching the last two episodes, it's clear to all and sundry that Tim Riggins has a big secret. A secret that perfectly explains why he's pretending to be Paul Woodrugh.

Tim Riggins left Dillon to play for a different American football team.

The truth was staring us in the face the whole time. Over the course of the last two episodes, I've managed to piece together the truth. Tim told friends and family in Dillon that he was joining the army and going to Afghanistan, when actually he was going to play American football for a team called Black Mountain.

It was there that he changed his name to Paul Woodrugh, just to be sure that no one would join the dots.

While I'm still not clear on why he's now a cop it's clear that Black Mountain were a professional team, given thaat he saved $20,000 from his time with them, only to see his no-good mother steal his loot. Although, let's not forget the dessert scam that he and his teammates were into at the time. Maybe that's where the money came from.

Here's how I came to my conclusion.

He spends a night with his old teammate watching Black Mountain play

After getting drunk at the end of episode three, Tim clearly misses the old days and decides to go visit his old teammate that we met in episode two. The guy who was in on the dessert scam with him.

His mate records a DVR of Black Mountain's game but Woodrugh rushes off, fearing that his love for football would just be too damn strong to let him return to his day job.



It's still the same old Tim

The episode closes with some good news for Tim, finally. Upon hearing that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, Tim immediately proposes to her in typical protective Tim fashion. If we learned anything from Friday Night Lights it's that Tim looks after the women closest to him.

It would seem clear that he plans to bring his wife and newborn child back to Dillon and reclaim his old life....

But then his mother fucks it all up

Just when we thought things were going to work out perfectly, his mother has to go and ruin everything. She robs the money he earned at Black Mountain. He of course has told her that he got in Afghanistan but in a dramatic scene she reveals that she knew he was playing American football for Black Mountain all along.

She tells him:

Your good friends. The boys .. Yea I know about you Paulie.

She bloody knows!


Paul starts over

So now, with no money and no ideas on how he's going to get back to Dillon, Tim is forced to go full Paul again and get involved with the secret detective squad thing with Regina George and the guy from Minority Report who's also been relocated to Vinci.

Will he ever get back to Dillon? Find out next week.


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