The Spanish Lottery Have Produced Hands Down The Best And Most Emotional Christmas Ad Ever

You might have thought that the wonderful John Lewis advert would be the best and most emotional of this Christmas season. You'd be wrong though, after this masterpiece from the Spanish national lottery will bring you on an emotional rollercoaster full of laughs and tears. You know from the opening seconds that the sweet sound of Ludovico Einuadi's Nuvole Bianche that this will be a beautiful three minutes and 38 seconds.

Grab a Kleenex, Justino will bring you to tears:

Christmas TV Advert for the lottery in SpainJohn Lewis and Sainsbury's have done it, now check this out this Christmas TV ad from Spain. The best I've seen this year. Beautifully done. Andy

(WARNING: Watching may result in a few tears)

Posted by kmfm on Thursday, 26 November 2015

Conor O'Leary
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