That German Christmas Ad Isn't Sad, It's Deeply Manipulative And Evil

That German Christmas Ad Isn't Sad, It's Deeply Manipulative And Evil


This German supermarket Christmas ad has over 32 million views on youtube, and is widely being praised like the John Lewis ad or the amazing Spanish lottery Christmas advert for it's beauty.

But it's not beautiful, and certainly doesn't represent the meaning of Christmas.

Why? You have the classic opening setting of an old man facing a Christmas alone without his family. If this was to represent real Christmas spirit, his family should be rushing home to see him. Not be saying "Sorry Da, no can do". Take a leaf out of Mrs. McAllister and hitchhike with a polka band to get back to the guy home alone.

But what really gets me is the grandad has to fake his own death to see his children? That's not cool. If someone I knew faked their own death and I found out about it, I'd punch them right in their stupid face and tell them to cop the f*ck on. It's clear that his children are shitty people not seeing their old man, but when they were raised by someone who would trick people into thinking he was dead can you blame them?

This ad isn't beautiful, it's deeply unsettling and creepy.

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