TD Tells Dramatic Tale Of How He Helped Save A Man's Life

TD Tells Dramatic Tale Of How He Helped Save A Man's Life

Galway born TD for Dublin North Central Finian McGrath has told of an incident where he helped stop a man from taking his own life on the railings of Leinster House.

McGrath was chatting with some journalists out on the plinth when a man climbed up on the railings. They assumed he was trying to put a banner up but it quickly became apparent that there was something drastically wrong.

McGrath told the Irish Examiner:

As we did, a guard ran over and grabbed the guy by the knees, then I and another man grabbed him by the legs to try and keep him up.

We had to get a good grip to hold him up, he was quite heavy. A member of the public came over to help, then the man was cut free and we lifted him down.

McGrath said the man was not at all violent but was deeply distraught and upset. When he was cut down, he initially tried to throw himself underneath a car.

He was really crying and talking about being abused and that nobody cared, it was very sad.


McGrath indicates that the location of his suicide attempt is not coincidental and indicates that it was a 'cry for help'.

He came to the Dáil to hang himself on the Dáil railings for a reason. He was very distraught, well dressed.... A lot of people are not getting the care and help that they need and deserve and the Government needs to wake up to that.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide then you can contact the Samaritans on free phone 116 123. More information is available here.

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