Remembering One Of The Finest Irish Political Comedy Sketches Ever

Remembering One Of The Finest Irish Political Comedy Sketches Ever

That Enda Kenny is Taoiseach is solely due to the 2002 general election when Fine Gael were wiped out. They were casting around for a leader and he was the only one left.

According to Noel Whelan on TV3, Enda Kenny won the 'expectation gap' in the opening leaders debate, meaning he wasn't as shite as people were expecting. He has come on a lot.

It's five years since the highways and byways of this country resounded to the sound of Enda trumpeting his five-point plan, possibly the most significant document in Irish life since Padraig Pearse stood on the (non-existent) steps of the GPO and belted out the proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Enda famously shied away from a debate on the Vincent Browne show on TV3 on the grounds that he had beef with the presenter, though most presumed he was just looking for a way of skirting a debate, preferring instead to shoot down to Carrick-on-Shannon and deliver a town-hall style homily to a gang of supportive locals.

He did appear on the subsequent RTE debate with Miriam O'Callaghan, however. His performance was characteristically shakey.

It gave rise to this beauty of a sketch. The synching of Enda's muttering to his movements is especially impressive.  The person responsible for this rather shouty headline appears to be under the impression that it is a genuine account of an audio exchange however.

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