Hozier Made The Most Irish Backstage Requests Ever For His Appearance On Jimmy Fallon

Hozier Made The Most Irish Backstage Requests Ever For His Appearance On Jimmy Fallon

You can take the man out of Bray... But don't you dare take his tae.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne might be Wicklow's first bona fide global superstar, but the hasn't forgotten his roots. And as Irish people, there is nothing we love more than to see one of our own excelling once they don't forget where they bloody well came from.

Hozier dropped by NBC studios where he performed hit single 'Jackie and Wilson' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but not before he made some outrageously Irish demands backstage, which he shared when he took over Tonight's official Instagram account.

Go on Hozier, ya good thing ya!

Though his choice of Barrys over Lyons will likely spark a debate that will rage for all eternity (for what it's worth, he is correct, Barrys all day long), the main thing is he didn't ask for any geyser-temperature water or a rose picked from the arse of Barbara Streisand, and instead kept his orders simple and close to home.

Well, simple unless you have to import all that stuff 5,100 kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, here he is explaining to the host and life-long Lyons fan Jimmy Fallon about why Barrys will always be the superior teabag.

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