50 Shades Of George Hook: "I Want To Publish An Erotic Novel"

50 Shades Of George Hook: "I Want To Publish An Erotic Novel"

To see the words "erotic novel" used in the same article as George Hook certainly seems strange, but here we are in a brave new world.

The Newstalk presenter has revealed that he fulfilled his dream of writing an erotic novel, but has been rejected by publishers. Hook made the reveal on The Right Hook last Friday while speaking to contributor James Dempsey.

I have to say it is one of my great undone challenges... I don't want to parachute jump at age 90... or climb Mount Everest or any of that kind of stuff... I want to publish an erotic novel.

I made a stab at it but it as rejected by the publisher. It was great.  It started in Warsaw, this young Polish girl and four members of the German Army....

Clearly retiring from RTE rugby punditry has been kind to Hook, but is the world ready for a George Hook erotic novel? We'd suggest yes. Like it or not, that book would sell well.

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