Waterford Whispers Are Now Being Quoted As A Reliable Source In Uganda

Waterford Whispers Are Now Being Quoted As A Reliable Source In Uganda

The lads at Waterford Whispers have done it again!

They've only gone and convinced a Ugandan website that John Waters is moving there. The satirical website ran a story on Saturday, headlined 'John Waters relocating to Uganda,' in light of the marriage referendum result.

WWN 'quoted' Waters as saying 'Relocating to Uganda is my best option right now and I have already secured a writing gig for a Ugandan state newspaper,' before 'denying' that his decision was related to the fact the country banned homosexuality last year.

Low and behold, the Independent in Uganda, thought they were serious:


They say:

Irish Columinist, John Waters has ceased his journalistic career in Ireland indefinitely and is relocating to Uganda. The 58 year old made this announcement while at the Dublin airport. His departure came moments after a majority Yes vote in the marriage equality referendum.

Oh dear. As if that wasn't bad enough, they go on to break the news that 'John Waters will be attached to one of the Ugandan Newspapers in a capacity that is yet to be announced.'

So, who's going to tell them?


Mark Farrelly
Article written by
Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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