The Single Most Irish Tweet Has Been Tweeted And That's That

The Single Most Irish Tweet Has Been Tweeted And That's That

There's surely going to be many similar claims to the above headline, but in years to come when they hand out awards for these things, and when there is a Prof of Twitter at Oxford and whatnot, they will point to this month of November 2015, as to when the most Irish of Irish tweets was tweeted.

*picture of Luas blurred a little to protect its identity.

Fiona or Fionaah as she goes by up on Twitter, was there when it happened and turned to the social network to express simultaneous disgust and bewilderment. The informative message didn't even come close to needing the full 180 characters which Twitter allows, yet it said everything and more. The points for Irishness are awarded for the words Shite and Luas but there are clear marks of inspiration from the likes of Irish radio news bulletins and Our News of yesteryear, honest and to the point.

Fionaah is worth a follow if even for the goings on in general on the Luas, such as some lad inexplicably eating a panini on a plate.


Hal LaRoux
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Former child and failed 110m hurdler.

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