Take A Look At The New Emojis For 2016. There Are Some Essentials In There

Take A Look At The New Emojis For 2016. There Are Some Essentials In There

Right so we know it is only August and we shouldn't be wishing our days away but the excitement at the prospect of these new emojis has us counting down the days until next year.

Our favourite people working at emojipedia have been busy bees mocking up potential new emojis for us emoji-obsessed nutters. Word on the street is that there will be 38 of them, oh happy days and some of them are REALLY essential for our progression in the emoji-text-speak world.

None of these have been confirmed but even the thoughts of some of these been added is an early Christmas present. See, we're easily pleased.

1. A groom for his bride


We always wondered why there was never a groom. It never really had the same impact when she was matched with moustache man.

2. A prince m'lady


It's a bit disappointing when you realise it wasn't a queen that you were using to describe yourself all along. Ah well, a princess is still more than I'll ever be.

3. Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus

About time! we all know she's the real brains behind Christmas present giving.

4. Dancing Dan

dancing man

His name isn't Dan, well it could be, but that' not confirmed. We kind of like it though, and he goes great with Salsa Sue.

5. Pregnant lady

Pregnant lady

Lovely shade of pink in the jumper but for some reason this kinda of freaks me out a bit! Possibly the perfect roundness of her tummy.

6. YES, more hand gestures

hand gestures

Dude, these are like totally rad! Loving the fist bump but most importantly there's FINALLY a fingers crossed emoji. The emoji Gods were listening and have answered my prayers.

7. More random faces



A cowboy face? YES PLEASE and LOVING the selfie hand and sure why not a bit of the 'why always me?' Balotelli pose? The clown is a bit creepy though, not loving him. Also, a rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL to the cool kids) face, very clever.


food and drink


A good oul shpud, just what we need! how many mammy's around Ireland will think they are the bees knees by texting their children to 'put on the spuds' and use the emoji instead of the word? We're betting all who can use a smartphone.

9. Animals


How cute is that owl though? The bat and shark, not so much.

There are still some that are missing though and we really think Ireland, and the world would benefit from their inclusion. Here are the 17 Irish Emojis that Need To Exist

Hat-Tip: Metro

Mallorie Ronan

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