Drake Probably Regrets Sending This Tweet To Serena Williams

Drake Probably Regrets Sending This Tweet To Serena Williams

Guys... Hey guys! If Drake and Serena Williams were playing tennis together, the score would be luv-luv! YESSSSS! I will never forgive myself for this.

We'd forgive you if you never return to our humble website having had to witness that, but for those of you kind enough to give us another chance, here's a curiously amusing snip of celebrity guff for you:

Drake and Serena Williams are reportedly 'meeting' or 'scoring' or if you're not 14 years old, 'seeing each other.'

It's all a bit hush, and normally we'd brush absolute garbage like this beneath the carpet that is our daily Celeb News We Couldn't Be Arsed Writing About feature, but Drizzy - or rather the inexorable force that is the internet - has forced our hand with the dusting off of a classic tweet.

As the renowned seanfhocail says,

Is é an idirlíon buan, sin é an mana, Drizzy, eoghló.

Which roughly translates as 'the internet is permanent, that's the motto, Drizzy, YOLO.

Naturally, the tweet has been snowballing, having resurfaced after the Toronto rapper and sporting icon hit headlines on those other hideous entertainment sites yesterday:

A double-fault for October's Very Own. Serves him right, new balls please, and every single other tennis-related pun you can think of.

The roller-coaster of showbiz drivel continues later today with the feverishly anticipated return of Celeb News We Can't Be Arsed Writing About!

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