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Watch: 360° Video Of 500 Simpsons Episodes Will Punch A Hole In Your Mind

Watch: 360° Video Of 500 Simpsons Episodes Will Punch A Hole In Your Mind

360-degree videos are a coming force in the world of social media and technology, and though still every bit a work in progress (many are still filmed by combining a number of Gopros, for example), they certainly retain an almost futuristic quality: the ability to truly mind-fuck.

It's seldom experienced during such an age of rapid technological development, and as such it's pretty cool to be able to show people interactive videos that actually do conspicuously blow them away. If you're unfamiliar with 360° videos you can check out more here. Otherwise, follow us to this fecking insane 360-degree construction of 500 Simpsons episodes in spherical form, and prepare to be Interstellarred.

(Obviously you need to watch this on your phone to embrace the full effects, but if you're on a computer you can drag the video around like some sort of cave-man idiot and use your imagination. Also, if it doesn't work, try using Facebook app.)

360° Simpsons Sphere 500 episodes(Try watching it on a phone)*I didn't compile the 500 episodes, I just adapted it to 360. The original 2D video can be found here:

Posted by John Hatfield Photography on Monday, 15 February 2016

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