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The New Netflix Documentary That Fans Of The Jinx And Serial Will Absolutely Love

The New Netflix Documentary That Fans Of The Jinx And Serial Will Absolutely Love

If you're having a quiet weekend before Christmas kicks off then I have some great news. Well, as in Netflix has some great news. I'm merely the messenger.

In 2003, Wisconsin native Steve Avery was released after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Avery had been convicted of sexual assault in a case where the prosecution's behaviour could be described as 'questionable' to say the very least.

That alone would have the bones of a great documentary series but it is merely the beginning of the story. However, two years later, and just before Avery looked set to win a lawsuit which could have gotten him upwards $32m in compensation, he found himself back in prison again. This time Avery was charged with murder.

Making a Murderer is a 10 part series which has been filmed over the last decade, following both the cases against Avery, in a fashion similar to that of the case of Adnan Syed in Serial and Robert Durst in the acclaimed HBO series The Jinx.

The first episode delves into the original rape conviction and the scarcely believable behaviour of the local police department and state prosecution before setting up the rest of the series to delve into the ins and outs of a murder case which implies the obvious question: 'Did Avery do it or was he set up?'

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