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EXCLUSIVE: Molly From 'The Morbegs' Reveals What Actually Became Of The Growing Tree

EXCLUSIVE: Molly From 'The Morbegs' Reveals What Actually Became Of The Growing Tree

You might remember that, back in July, I approached our state broadcaster with some questions about famed, childlike beasts, 'The Morbegs'.

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These were questions that, in retrospect, probably should have been prefaced with a Freedom Of Information request. After five months of feverishly searching every single folder of my email inbox, every fibre of hope was drip-drained from my very soul. With each sleepless night I further questioned my own sanity. And, Christ almighty, I did not like the answers.

But I think it was Rossa who once said, 'All good things come to those who wait'. Yeah, no, was definitely Rossa. God, that guy was so wise.

Anyway, after months of false dawns, scaling walls and breaking balls, I finally had a breakthrough when über-talented actor, comedian and author Tara Flynn - one of the voices behind The Morbegs' Molly herself - reached out and agreed to a reveal-all chat about those impressionable, hairy frog-monsters.

For those like myself who missed the 1998 finale for obair bhaile reasons, Tara revealed what actually became of the ailing Growing Tree, what she believes Molly and Rossa might be up to today, and why I'm not the only one who believes The Morbegs had more than a hand to play in the success of Pixar's recent animated blockbuster Inside Out (Come on - we were all thinking it).

Tara also spoke about her subsequent career in comedy and how she made the transition straight from kids tv, and we discussed why Irish people's passion for complaining was the perfect topic to cover in her observationally ingenious new book.

Finally, after 17 years, some answers. And all I needed was Tara's help to understand.

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