The Brown Thomas Christmas Department Opens Today. What Is This Nonsense?

The Brown Thomas Christmas Department Opens Today. What Is This Nonsense?

What in the name of God is happening to the country? It's August people! There's still over four months, yes FOUR MONTHS or 127 days until Santa comes so why oh why are Brown Thomas doing this to us? We haven't even celebrated the All Ireland Finals or Halloween yet nevermind having the time to think about Christmas.

Since we can't bring ourselves to accept this, we must refuse to step foot in Brown Thomas until our annual Christmas Eve trip in our rush to buy the mother her scented candles (Merry Christmas Mom!), thankfully twitter users have provided us with up to date progress snaps on their winter wonderland development.

Our thoughts exactly:

Close your eyes now if you are happy for now in a Christmas free world.

Some were delighted with the news Christmas came early however

The stores in Limerick and Cork have also got in on the action and while they have opened a few days earlier, Brown Thomas said that they always open their Christmas department some time in August and often sell out some stock by November.

Who the hell is that organised? If they opened later, us last minute people mightn't miss out.

Christmas is my favourite holiday but even for me this is too soon, FAR too soon.

Mallorie Ronan

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