The Best Tweets From The Best Late Late Toy Show In Years

The Best Tweets From The Best Late Late Toy Show In Years

Pretty much Ireland for the last two hours.

We were off to a slow start but this young fella was full of life.

Eventually it took a Transformer to convince him to leave.

Meanwhile we had uncovered of the best forgotten Toy Show moments in history.

I only learnt what chill meant yesterday.

Meanwhile every single musical act.

Next up was the first nominee for the new IFA president.

While Noah and Leah provided a lovely moment.

Next up, the vehicles and various forms of transport section

And now...

...The highlight of the year...

The two biggest farmers this side of the equator.

The IFA comparisons didn't just end with those two either...

David Walliams arrived but hadn't been told of the dress code.

While this girl could not stop laughing.

The last big star was Cathal. Cathal had the same reaction many of us have while playing FIFA.

All in all, we have to day we thoroughly enjoyed it.

And the bit you may have missed.

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Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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