The Best 'Ah Lads' Moments From The Rose Of Tralee 2015

The Best 'Ah Lads' Moments From The Rose Of Tralee 2015

It's all over for another year, and we are already having withdrawals. This year's offering provided endless moments of entertainment from dung spitting to planking on stage and we are already looking forward to the mentalness of next year but for now lets relish in the memories as we look back at the best 'ah lads' moments from this year's Rose of Tralee.

But first, let's start with a Dáithí selfie, because Lord knows there aren't enough of them in the world.


So, apparently 'dung spitting' Is an ACTUAL sport and Dáithí ain't too bad at it.

Dáithí channelled his inner Angelina Ballerina and unsurprisingly looked fab hun!

Daithi in a tutu

The Meath rose went on a rollercoaster at Tayto park and sat beside the smoothest operator around

Meath Rose

Monaghan absolutely destroying Louth live on TV as she tells the nation Louth fancies her brother

louth revenge

The whole country attempting to recite the 32 counties in under 10 seconds and failing miserably

There were signs galore, just look at this

signs 1

And this...

signs 2

But naturally, our favourite was this;

Brennan's Sign

Daniel O' Donnell - the Hugh Hefner of the Rose of Tralee

Daniel O' Donnell 2

Skipping is a new talent this year and we LOVE it

Aisling's dad was robbed, ROBBED I tell you!

Dáithí planked live on TV, in a tux, and questioned all his life decisions.

daithi pilates

Scotland ruined her Mum's street cred by getting the whole Dome to sing happy birthday to her

Germany lost it when the FA cup made a surprise appearance while appealing to find her lost love #FindCarlTheCount

Daniel got all dolled up for the ladies

daniel O' Donnell 1

Before making our night by doing THIS

We were rooting for Louth after her confession that she was a "country lover"

But alas, it wasn't to be and the very worthy winner was in fact Meath rose, Elysha Brennan.

meath rose winner

Snapchat Photos: theroseoftralee

Mallorie Ronan

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