Oh No! Americans Try To Label Ireland On A Map...Of Ireland And The UK

Oh No! Americans Try To Label Ireland On A Map...Of Ireland And The UK

What can you even say at this point, really?

The yanks really make a bags of trying to pinpoint Ireland on a map. Yeah. Big deal. You'd almost be more shocked if they pointed it out with minimal fuss.

But this is no ordinary world map, where Ireland is but a speck. This is a map of the British Isles. Ireland is one of two land masses on this map.

One person locates our emerald isle correctly, but goes on to inexplicably label what we know to be Scotland as Northern Ireland. Here's the thing about Northern Ireland, from what I can gather anyway. It's north of Ireland.

I'm also very concerned about the man who asks if there are two 'Ts' in Scotland.

These folks are gas craic. Fair play to them for having no shame whatsoever, and to Buzzfeed's scouting network who never cease to locate some of the world's greatest idiots.

Speaking of which, here's what happened when we quizzed the Irish public on their own country...

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