The Mad Theory Emerging From This Week's Game Of Thrones

The Mad Theory Emerging From This Week's Game Of Thrones

Before we go any further, if you haven't watched this week's Game of Thrones, then look away now!

If you have, then how bloody awesome was the last 20 minutes!? Jon Snow reaffirmed himself as the best damn character in the whole game while at the same time we all came to realise that isn't a game any more.

Anyhow, to the big theory emerging from the this week's episode; namely the relationship between Jon and the Night's King AKA the freaky headed leader of the White Walkers.

This character hasn't really appeared in the books yet, so in truth it's up to HBO to decide what or who he is but in saying that, fables and legends about him have indeed been mentioned in the novels. So we do have something go on.

Basically, when you put the whole thing together, The Night's King is a former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. The 13th to be precise; meaning he lived thousands of years before the birth of one Jon Snow. As explain, he fell in love with a White Walker and then this, that and the other happened, which brings us up to today.


However, skipping through the minutiae, the thing which most caught my eye from their theory is that The Night's King was actually a Stark. A Stark whose first name was Bran.

So Jon Snow and The Night's King are relatives!

According to this theory, The Night's King was the brother of the Stark King of the North at the time, so he actually also has a claim to the throne in Westeros. I'd like to see Little Finger try and weasel his way into the Zombie mo-fo's small council!

God, I can't wait until next Monday.

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