Charming Little Irish Girl Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Eat 'Animal People'

Charming Little Irish Girl Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Eat 'Animal People'

A charming little girl doesn't want to eat meat and has explained her reason for not wanting to eat "animal people" in a video that will melt your heart.

Five-year-old Indie-Rose, from Dublin gave a tearful speech about not wanting to "kill a horsey" and gets awfully distraught at the thought of them being chopped up.

When her mum's partner explained that we don't eat "horseys", we just eat pigs and chickens and cows she couldn't see the logic behind it.

But pigs are nice, and chickens are nice and cows are nice.

Poor Indie-rose gets flustered when she finds out what farmers are doing for a living:

I don't like that farmers chop people up

But when gently corrected she re-phrases her sentence

I don't like that they chop animal people up

The video of this charming little girl has been viewed more than nine million times on Facebook, leaving Indie-Rose's mum Nicola shocked after it was recorded by her partner to make sure he was saying the right thing while Nicola was in work.

Nicola explained to that her partner was preparing dinner and Indie Rose asked could she help and asked about who chopped up the turkey and that's how the whole ordeal started.

It's been three months since the revelation and Indie-Rose hasn't changed her mind on the meat front, with her mum explaining that she has always had a kind heart when it comes to animals and wouldn't even let her mum kill a spider.

Nicola visited a doctor to make sure her daughter's health wouldn't be affected by the lack of meat she now supports her daughter's choice not to eat meat and says she has taught her daughter to respect other people's decision to still eat meat even if she doesn't.

What a little dote. Watch the video of Indie-Rose here.


Mallorie Ronan

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