The Foo Fighters Glastonbury Replacement Act Has Been Announced

The Foo Fighters Glastonbury Replacement Act Has Been Announced

Dave Grohl's broken leg has forced the Foo Fighters to pull out from the 32nd Glastonbury Festival and opened the door for another band to headline the event, which attracts 175,000 music fans to Pilton, Somerset each June. Their replacement has just been announced.


(See what I did there?)

Alright, we'll tell you.

The Foo Fighters' replacement at Glastonbury 2015 has been announced as... Florence and the Machine.

The Friday headline slot on the Pyramid Stage will now be Florence and her band's Ship to Wreck, with the Lungs singer now set to headline the famed festival for the first time.

Once we heard the sad news that Foo Fighters had been forced to pull out, there was only one person we wanted to call and that was Florence,

festival organiser Emily Eavis said, presumably apoplectic that Damon Albarn isn't listed in the directory.

Every time she has played here she’s done something spectacular and we always knew she would headline the Pyramid one day. I’m delighted she’s agreed to step up to it – she’s going to smash it!

It's fair to say the reaction to the announcement has been mixed: 

Paddy Power had offered odds of 5/1 on Florence to step up to the plate, despite her currently recovering from a broken foot.

Let's hope she doesn't Welch the deal, eh? (I know what you're thinking; What Kind of Man would make a joke like that? I'm all out, I promise.)

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