D'Unbelievables Reviewing Toys On The 1994 Late Late Toy Show Is Nostalgic Gold

D'Unbelievables Reviewing Toys On The 1994 Late Late Toy Show Is Nostalgic Gold

KillianM2 is an Irishman we've described as 'Youtube's finest public servant' in the past and by Gorra he has pulled it out of the bag again today.

Just a few hours before this year's Late Late Toy Show, Mr M2 has posted almost 50 minutes of the 1994 offering, that has cost us quite a lot of valuable work time this evening.

We'll post the whole video at the bottom but for those of you in a rush, we've picked out a couple of highlights that caught our eye.

The first comes from D'Unbelievables - who were at the height of their power at that stage - reviewing a few muscial toys and of course having a bit of fun with the 'one for everybody in the audience' tradition.

Moving on, we were taken aback when we happened upon Kevin O'Connell later in the show. Remember Kevin!? A mainstay of kids television in the mid-90s.

The artist formerly know as 'Kev' was on reviewing children's books that may or may not have really read but did a fine job anyhow. In particular the book about the birds and the bees no doubt captured many terrified parents' attention.

You can watch the whole thing below, with other appearances from the likes of Twink and Boyzone. Bloody Boyzone!

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