Killers Frontman Brandon Flowers Has Some Very Nice Things To Say About Ireland

Killers Frontman Brandon Flowers Has Some Very Nice Things To Say About Ireland

He's a desert boy at heart, but anybody who has experienced the unbridled joy that is watching Las Vegas native Brandon Flowers take to the stage in Ireland - either with his band, The Killers, or as a solo act - will be aware of the sense of welcome he seems to exude, even when 5,000 miles away from home.

And with good reason. In an interview with The Herald, the charismatic frontman spoke of how "pound for pound," Ireland is "the biggest place for fans of The Killers."

There's the whole U2 thing here I think, their spirit is just here, even when they're not.

Flowers spoke of the "unique love" he experiences every time he performs in Ireland, which allows him to "let loose" on stage.

Recounting his first trip to the emerald isle with The Killers back in 2004, Flowers told how U2 themselves attended their gig in Dublin's Olympia theatre:

That was the first time I met Bono. They were trying to hide themselves but it was just impossible!

The Irish connection doesn't end with U2, however; the 'Crossfire' singer revealed a rather amusing anecdote about the Dub behind the lighting at that same Olympia gig back in '04:

Our lighting guy, his name is Steven Douglas, and he has been on the road with The Killers for ten years now.

We played here in the Olympia in 2004 and he was the house lighting guy. We liked his show, he put effort into it and he did cues and things like that.

So we took him on and he's with us ever since.

There's nothing we like more than when one of our foreign friends attempts a cúpla focal, and it seems lighting guy Steven Douglas is a decent tutor:

You can read the full interview with The Killers' maestro here.

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