Are You Ready To Dance Your Socks Off? Introducing Soda Bread Box, Dublin's Alcohol-Free Dance Night

Are You Ready To Dance Your Socks Off? Introducing Soda Bread Box, Dublin's Alcohol-Free Dance Night

Ever find yourself at home on a day off work, driven demented by an overwhelming urge to boogie? If you answered 'no,' you're a damned liar. For us honest, unapologetic dancers, our prayers have finally been answered.

Introducing Dublin's newest dance event, Soda Bread Box. Even the name wreaks of funk.

The hour-long, alcohol-free dance event took the roof off Filmbase in Dublin's Temple Bar this Monday, and continues on the same day next week, with further events scheduled throughout June.

Instead of rambling on, I'm going to let the official website whet your appetite for an extravagant jig:

We believe that everyone is a dancer. We believe that everyone should dance whatever way the music moves them. We have created a dimly lit space with funky tunes which we hope will allow people to express and enjoy themselves

I'll put it this way; I'm going.

There's something uniquely refreshing about letting loose on a dancefloor, totally sober. It's something that we only tend to do alone, in our kitchens, despite it being infinitely more fun in the company of friends or even strangers. Get on your dancing shoes, and get down to Soda Bread Box. The only things thrown will be shapes.

What to Expect

  • Friendly, non-threatening atmosphere which is free of alcohol
  • Open to all ages, genders, backgrounds and demographics
  • Safe, cosy, dimly lit room where you can move to the music in the company of others
  • It’s not about being a “good” dancer, it’s about the feeling of letting loose and dancing
  • It’s a stress relieving form of workout and it’s fun
  • Water supplied but bring a water bottle if you like
  • It’s a workout – you'll get hot and sweaty so bring a towel and some deodorant if you plan on doing something after

You can blow off some steam at Soda Bread Box on the following dates:

  • 7-8pm, Monday, June 15th @ Filmbase, Temple Bar (€5 entry includes coat check)
  • 7-8pm, Thursday, June 18th
  • 7-8pm, Wednesday, June 24th

Ready to dance your socks off? Click 'attending' on the Facebook event, here.

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