12 Surprising Alternative Uses For These Everyday Things

12 Surprising Alternative Uses For These Everyday Things

The chances are that we all have most of these items hidden somewhere in the jungle that is our house so why not put them to good use?

1. Use a banana to get rid of CD/DVD scratches


2. Use olive oil to remove eye make up and for a closer shave

Dab oil under your eyes then wash off with a facecloth. *Disclaimer: We won't be held responsible for any shaving injuries.

3. Use sellotape as a lint roller

Cut off a length of it and stick on your clothes to remove fluff and hairs.

4. Use Alka Seltzer to clean toilets
Alka Seltzer

For many, these soluble discs provide appreciated relief from a woeful hangover but they also have the power to clean your toilet after just 20 minutes. I'm not sure how reassuring this is knowing we ingest them every now and then.

5. Use Earl Grey tea bags to get rid of sunburn

This one is useful for us pastey white Irish on our holidays. And sure who doesn't love a good cuppa, so you might as well get the most from it.

6. Use egg whites to clean leather


Gently scrub the egg whites into your dirty leather, and wipe off with a damp cloth. Your shoes or bag will look shiny and new in no time!

7. Use a hairdryer to clear a foggy mirror after a shower

We all know rubbing the mirror with your hand does nothing to help with de-fogging it but try using your hairdryer.

8. Use mustard to get rid of the pain caused by a burn

Burns are bloody sore so when you get one, try putting a healthy dollop of  mustard on the burn and cover with a gauze and see if this eases the pain.

9. Use newspaper to deodorize food containers


Stuff a balled up piece of newspaper in the container or the flask, seal it and leave overnight to get rid of any smells.

10. Use a bowl to amplify your music


11. Use nail files as a stain remover on suede items


They're not only useful for making your nails all pretty, they can also be used to gently buff your suede shoes or bags.

12. Use stainless steel spoons to get rid of garlic or onion odour from your hands


After slicing onions or chopping garlic, you can neutralize the smell on your hands by rubbing your fingers on a stainless steel spoon while its under running water.


Mallorie Ronan

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