A Hot Tub Cinema Is Coming To Dublin This August - No, Really

A Hot Tub Cinema Is Coming To Dublin This August - No, Really

Right, ok, this could be interesting. A hot tub cinema.

Starting on the 1st August, Dublin will be play proud host to a hot tub cinema, where movie-goers will watch their favourite classic movies while kitted out in their swimming togs, eating a pizza and guzzling down a can of Fosters.

CineBros Film Club are the people behind this new project and have confirmed the venue, 'Mo's Gaff' will be located on theĀ first floor of an industrial building on Montague Street, between Camden Street and Harcourt Street and they have already started selling tickets to the movies that will be on show throughout the month of August.

Check out the trailer from CineBros and see what you think:

Their aim is to mix up the usual cinema outing and 'create something special.'

CineBros is all about revamping what would be an ordinary experience into something special and different. Breaking tradition and enhancing experiences.

Since the organisers don't have a license for alcohol, moviegoers are asked to bring any beer, wine or alcopops but no hard liquor and of course, don't forget the togs. Cinema and togs are two things I never thought I would write about in the same sentence.

Don't worry about getting peckish while you're chillin' in the tub as food will be on sale during the movies, and changing rooms and lockers will be provided thankfully so there will be no need to wander down Camden Street in your bikini.


Some of the films that will be showing include Stand By Me, Cool Runnings, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels just to name a few. You can see the full list here.


stand by me

Maybe it's just the sceptic in me but I don't find this one bit appealing, for 2 reasons.

Firstly, and most importantly, how hygienic is sitting in a pool of warm water with bits of food floating in it and the possibility of bathing in your beer? Not very, is the answer.

Secondly, the awkwardness suffered by many Irish people having to show their pasty white bodies on the beach in their swimming trunks and bikini is bad enough but doing it in a random room getting in and out of a hot tub with strangers seems a step too far.

I'm sure the appeal of this hot tub cinema far outweighs my 'glass half empty' outlook and this could be a roaring success but unfortunately I can't see myself donning my swimsuit to go to the cinema any time soon.


Mallorie Ronan

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