8 You're A Star Contestants The World Should Not Forget

8 You're A Star Contestants The World Should Not Forget

It's a big day for Ireland in Eurovision with Molly Sterling flying the flag for us in Austria at tonight's semi-final. Molly, of course qualified on The Late Late Show a good few months back but remember when we used to have what felt like a 10 month procedure to find who our representative would be?

Yes, the good old days of You're A Star presented many with a chance for fame but too often they were quickly forgotten. Today we're celebrating the stars who flickered so briefly.

1. Michael Leonard

Third place in what was definitely the most talent heavy series of You're A Star. His suit however, was extremely questionable.

2. Simon Casey

What a man! Here nearly won the thing, with his song written by Bryan  Brian McFadden, but it wasn't to be. He did however master the 'start the song sitting down and then stand up for emphasis' technique.

Someone also had issues with the size of his feet...


3. Lisa Bresnan

The fact that Lisa only came fourth in 2003 again goes to show just how strong the first series was. Looking through the YouTube comments on this, there's no mention of shoe sizes, just praise left and right.


4. James Kilbane

He was no Kevin but he certainly has his way with the middle aged demographic. I mostly remember him singing King of the Road about 500 times.

5. Chris Doran

Oh here we go! The last great hurrah for You're A Star in Eurovision, in my eyes. Then again the rest of Europe didn't exactly agree, given that he only got seven points.

On avid fan had some serious opinions as to the reason why, on Wikipedia. This person was obviously an expert on what makes a Eurovision song but not on what makes good sentence structure.

Onstage monitoring for the artist on the night, combined with a lack of experience may have caused tuning issues, which were not manifest during the auditions. As a result, Ireland did not qualify automatically for the 2005 Eurovision final.

6. 21 Demands

Wonder whatever became of these lads? They pretty good.

'Wait? They changed their name to Kodaline?...'

7. Scuba Dice

Oh dear God. What were we thinking as a nation? Linda Martin saw straight through this nonsense.

8. Jean Elliot

She loved smiling that's for sure. Also one of the best not to actually win the show. Fact of the day: after the show, she had a single called 'Funky Intuition'

And finally...

I was going to refuse to put this in but sure look it, for the day that's in it...


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Mark Farrelly
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Cavan bureau chief. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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