5 Surprisingly Catchy New Christmas Songs To Keep An Ear Out For This Year

5 Surprisingly Catchy New Christmas Songs To Keep An Ear Out For This Year

It's been a better year than most for new Christmas tunes, with a certain rock quartet returning with a legitimate anthem and Spotify's most wanted New Jersey rapper finally combining the worlds of hip-hop and Holiday spirit.

Here are five of the best brand new Christmas songs to keep an ear out for this festive season:

5) Loose Tapestries (feat. Idris Elba) - 'Can't Wait For Christmas'

Vacuum Cloud and The Decision (aka Noel Fielding and Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno) collaborate on this bizarre, psychedelic new Christmas cracker which even features a guest rap verse from everybody's favourite choice to be the new James Bond, Idris Elba.

In many ways it's a disturbing song, but in fairness to the lads, it's a catchy one.

4) The Killers - 'Dirt Sledding'

The Las Vegas rockers return with their tenth Christmas song for charity, and it's definitely the second best of a fairly shite bunch, just behind 2013's genuinely melodic 'Christmas in LA'.

3) Fetty Wap (feat. Monty) - 'Merry Christmas'

I'm going to admit to something quite extraordinary; I have no idea who Fetty Wap is, and I've never heard his alleged summer anthem 'Trap Queen.'

But what I do know is that the hip-hop market isn't exactly saturated with options when it comes to Christmas listening, so I'm glad Fetty has decided to wap a Christmas song - even if it's only a Christmas song because he mentions Christmas trees like twice. Classic Fetty!

2) John Legend - 'Under The Stars'

A collaborative holiday single created for Stella Artois' "Give Beautifully" campaign, the R&B mastermind creates a warm winter ballad with soft drums and his signature, powerful piano chords. Legend spoke about the collaboration saying:

For the holiday season, Stella Artois and I came together to give a gift, a song that’s inspired by the stars. In this song, we’re hearing the noises that stars make.

We certainly like the noise that Mr. Legend makes in this one.

1) The Darkness - 'I Am Santa'

Is it just me or does The Darkness' return to Christmas anthems have the potential to be a bit of a classic down the line? Returning to the festive scene for the first time since 2003's now-iconic 'Don't Let The Bells End,' the Lowestoft rockers channel their inner-70s in both melody and video to this fast-paced, soulful entry.

We'll put it this way, if we'd heard it 30 years ago we'd still be listening to it now. But don't be surprised if you hear it a bit more next Christmas. And a bit more again in 2017. And so on.

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