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Fella Who Legally Changed His Name For A Ryanair Flight Has Actually Saved Feck All

Fella Who Legally Changed His Name For A Ryanair Flight Has Actually Saved Feck All

Adam West - formerly Adam Armstrong - thought he pulled a fast one on Ryanair when he legally changed his name to avoid paying a 'name change fee' with the airline after his girlfriend's stepdad booked him a ticket to Ibiza under the wrong name. However, it turns out he went to all that hassle to save just £7.

When booking the flights, Armstrong's girlfriend's stepdad mistakenly used Adam's Facebook name, which was a tribute to Batman's Adam West. The 19-year-old was under the impression that he'd have to pay £220 to change the tickets, so decided to instead change his name legally and spend £103 on getting a new passport.

This morning the story was all over the shop, after he gave an interview to the Irish Sun but as it turns out, Ryanair have clarified that he would actually only have had to pay £110 for the return tickets.

He will also have to pay £103 to change his name back when his passport expires in seven years.

I doubt he's too worried though as he seemed quite chuffed with himself when speaking to Anton Savage on Today FM this morning, explaining his decision by saying 'I'm not giving Ryanair a penny' before revealing 'I also got some money from The Sun newspaper.'

This would appear to be one of those 'what a legend!' stories that's actually a bit ridiculous when one gives it a moment's thought.



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